Costa de la Luz – Defi Tour n°1

A chilled beer, a wrong person who’s waiting for you in the other room and a London-Malaga flight to book in 5 minutes and in connection with the Milan-Malaga your trusted Tour Operator just booked.                      
All followed with: a last second packing, a sunrise leaving to Stansted airport (
damn, I hate it!) with a 20 minutes sleep and the embarassing shout & tears of joy when you meet your beloved friend between one gate and the other at Malaga airport.

Let the adventure start!

Me from London, my silly friend Jo from Milan caught up at Malaga to meet the third travel buddy: the inseparable Polo Volkswagen – AKA Pina –that drove us around for kilometres and that had been a perfect traveling closet in a pinch.
After the introductions with Pina, despite the hot weather and the zero hours of sleep we started straightaway to drive to Tarifa, our first stop.
Known as the wind city, Tarifa is the southermost point of the European continent. It’s just 14 kilometres away from Morocco and it is considerated the joining link between European and African culture.                  
As soon as we arrived at our hard to find agritourism we ran to the beach for our first Spanish sunset and for our first walk in the middlepoint of Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, with Africa in front of us.

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