Costa de la Luz – Defi Tour n°1

A chilled beer, a wrong person who’s waiting for you in the other room and a London-Malaga flight to book in 5 minutes and in connection with the Milan-Malaga your trusted Tour Operator just booked.                      
All followed with: a last second packing, a sunrise leaving to Stansted airport (
damn, I hate it!) with a 20 minutes sleep and the embarassing shout & tears of joy when you meet your beloved friend between one gate and the other at Malaga airport.

Let the adventure start!

Me from London, my silly friend Jo from Milan caught up at Malaga to meet the third travel buddy: the inseparable Polo Volkswagen – AKA Pina –that drove us around for kilometres and that had been a perfect traveling closet in a pinch.
After the introductions with Pina, despite the hot weather and the zero hours of sleep we started straightaway to drive to Tarifa, our first stop.
Known as the wind city, Tarifa is the southermost point of the European continent. It’s just 14 kilometres away from Morocco and it is considerated the joining link between European and African culture.                  
As soon as we arrived at our hard to find agritourism we ran to the beach for our first Spanish sunset and for our first walk in the middlepoint of Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, with Africa in front of us.


We spent 3 days in Tarifa visiting at least two beaches a day: from kitesurfing mecca Playa de Valdevaqueros  to hyppie’s home Caños de Meca, passing by Zahara de los Atunes, Cabo de Trafalgar and Bolonia.
The third day we allowed ourselves a few hours beyond the sea excursion. Despite the expensive ticket prices and the never ending passport checks on the Tarifa-Tangier ferry-boat, we reached Marocco at lunch time.
We intentionally got lost into the Tangier’s antique Medina colours and scents and after a long walk through the Kasbah alley we stopped to have lunch at the poetic El Morocco Club. Before catching the ferry-boat back to Spain we had been literally enchanted by Hafa Cafè: sipping a mint tea listening to the magic silent and admiring the Spanish coast from one of his terrace where even Paul Bowles, The Rolling Stones and Allen Ginsberg once sat, had been an unforgettable experience.


Back in Europe, the day after we left our agritourism in the middle of nowhere in the direction of Mr Antonio’s reign.  Mr Antonio is a legendary old fashion owner of a family-run hotel – we even had an upside-down door number! – in Conil de la Frontera.
A tipically Andalusian town, Conil is a tripudio of white little houses and narrow alleys that frame gorgeous gold beaches. As Mr Antonio, all the residents are friendly and very proud of their picturesque hamlet that I recommend everyone to visit. Not to forget our pescaito late dinner surrounded by colourful tourists that crowded Avenida De La Playa.
From Conil our trustworthy Pina drove us to stylish Cadiz: considerated one of the most ancient European cities, it’s known for being an important Phoenician commercial centre and for being the point of departure of the first and the forth Christopher Columbus‘ travels.
Despite the short time we had, we allowed ourselves to do three of the suggested walks intelligently marked with different colour throughout the town streets – if only my Venice could love herself a little bit more…
We were able to see Barrio de Santa Maria, Plaza de San Juan de Dios, Iglesia de San Agustin, Plaza de Espana y Monumento alas Cortez and the Castillo de San Sebastian where we were lucky enough to admire a spectacular Atlantic Ocean sunset.



With Cadiz inside our hearts we drove to Malaga, the last stop of our tour. The 200 kilometres Andalusian landscapes we stacked up in a few hours were simply unforgettable: Jo, Pina and I, the wind mills, the sun, the orange hills and the music background of Radio Los40.

Honestly Malaga did let us down a bit. After a week of friendly people and nearly uncontaminated nature we found ourselves in front of a modern city with an area too dedicated to cruise tourism. It was so far away from our poetic concept of travel!
Anyway the city deserves definitely a visit even if the only thing I really recommend it’s the Picasso Museum hosted by the ‘500 Palacio de Buenavista. In other than admiring several works of one of my favourite artist who was born in Malaga in 1881, I was lucky enough to visit even an exbition dedicated to Dennis Hopper former Easy Rider director and who starred with James Dean in Rebel without a Case.

This is the short story of our unforgettable tour: we didn’t have enough time (we were not able to visit Seville, to stop in Gibraltar and in general we wish we could have done million of other things) but we have a lot of good vibrations to take to the cold London/Milano winter…




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