Trick or treat? – My special Halloween

“What about going to Clapton market, tomorrow?”
“Oh yes, it sounds nice but… A Dia de los Muertos festival will be on at OXO tower…”

Cheeky smile replies to cheeky smile.

“Do you mind to check which is the fasted way to go there? And… We are going to have a theme make up, aren’t we?”
“Of course!”

Side effects of having a flatmate more drained than you.

The day after we woke up very early – and it was Sunday morning! – to run ahead to the perfect outfit hunt. It felt like we were two little girls again: among the shelves of the several stores we visited we were over exited and we had plenty of ideas and indecisions…
In the end – it was really hard as we had been literally captured by all those twinklings and those colours – we were really proud of our shopping and walking home we were feeling like inside our Boots, Claire’s and Superdrugs shopping bags there was the ultimate Louboutin pair  of shoes.
I have to say that I’m not able to do a proper make up on myself… let alone to do it on someone else!
Emy  had to do everything by herself even on me!



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