BrIta girl




When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London of that life can afford Β (S.Johnson)

Italian born, brit by adoption.
Two nationalities/personalities could not be more different, I believe.
But they are able to live side by side inside myself.
Often they fight but in the end they love each other a lot.

It feels like I took that fly yesterday. But – and only who lives in London knows how time flies in here – it’s almost four years I’m living in UK.

At the beginning, everyday life wasn’t easy. But London can help you find a strenght you didn’t know to have.
London is conflicting emotions, a neverending up and down sequence.
London is life.
And your soul breaks in two: on a side your beloved Italia, the sun, the beautiful sound of Dante’s language, your people. The sea smell, yours closest friends and the hidden corners of Yours Venice.

On the other side your bitch, her dangerous charm, her energy. Her colours, her tidy mess and her constant movement.

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Cup of tea, anyone?

One of the English custom I like the most it’s the Afternoon Tea.Β It seems to have been invented by Anna the 7th Duchess of Bedford who is said to have complained of having “annoying tummy rumbling” in the afternoon… So she came up with the idea of keeping her hunger at bay having privately in her boudoir a light snack before dinner: while sipping tea she was nibblingΒ mini pastries, scrummy pieces of cakes and finger sandwiches.
A genius.

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