Xmas in London? Very sparkling

I think I’ve already said here http://thefrillydiaries-en.com/2015/03/25/and-also-this-xmas/ that I don’t really like Xmas and I’m definitely not a big Winter fan but… there is something that helps me facing this period: the colours, the lights… the glint London is pervaded by for a couple of weeks.
Selfridges, Oxford Street
Covent Garden
Covent Garden

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Happy Birthday, Alice!

150 years old and… she definitely doesn’t look like!
On occasion of the anniversary of one of my favourite books, I couldn’t miss the exhibition “Alice in Wonderland” at the British Library – one of my best-loved spot in London.


July 1862: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson took a boat trip with the three daughters of one of his family friends.
To better entertain them Charles, who later adopted the world-famous pen name Lewis Carroll, started to tell the children the adventures of the little Alice, the real name of one of them, in an enchanted world.
It was the little Alice who begged him to write all down so she could read it whenever she wanted to. And that was how one of most loved fabes ever bore.


It’s unbelievable how, after 150 years, – the first book was published on November 1865 – Alice in Wonderland continue to enthrall generations upon generations.
The exhibition at the British Library explores how the story inspired artists during the years and it shows the Lewis Caroll’s original manuscript – it was not possible to take pics inside, sorry 😥 – together with drawings and illustrations.- there are even some John Tenniel – the first Alice’ illustrator – original boxwood engravings.
A very special way to enjoy a relaxing London afternoon… and everything is for free!





Do not miss the Pop Up Shop… a true paradise for Alice in Wonderland lovers… I couldn’t resist the Moleskine limited edition!😍