Never say goodbye


They say that London is a crossroad and that’s it’s something normal to see people leaving in here.
It’s quite impossible to get bored in this hectic mish-mash of languages, ideologies, ethnic groups and habits, but it’s quite difficult to spend here an entire life.
During my almost 4 years here in London, I’ve noticed that many people living in this city are sooner or later leaving, going back to their countries or moving somewhere in the world.
Everyone loves London but living here is such an intense experience that there is a moment you reach the point you can’t cope with it anymore and you need to leave. You will keep London deep in your heart but you prefer to look at her from far away, because if you get inside her whirlwind again you will be just fucked.

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Panamá & Puerto Viejo – Costa Rica: Pura Vida!

And there they are, staying there, dragging those luggage most of the times bigger than them.
They are walking proudly and sometimes they stumble because of the heavy weight they are carrying. But they will not look away not even for a second, as they are aware they are living one of the most special moment of their life: they are the “travelling kids”, a Minions, Frozen princesses and Star War’ warriors slow parade. Most of them are going to have their first travelling experience and they are doing that with the enthusiasm only the little ones can have.
As everyone else I’ve been one of them as well. And over the years my attitude hasn’t change much: my excitement is still the same and my eyes are lighting up when I see “Thank you, your flight has been booked” on my Mac screen and I get the adrenaline flowing  as soon I get close to a train station or to an airport. The truth is that I can’t live without travelling, every two or three months – if the money and the work allow me – I need to leave, to explore, to see…
They call it Wanderlust, a German word which includes all the symptoms I’ve listed above.
Because you could fall ill with the NEED of travel.

And so, during an evening full of messy thoughts and questions without answers I didn’t think twice before accepting an absurd and unexpected offer from Italy to travel to Panama.
I couldn’t imagine that what it was feeling like one of mine nth crazy thing I was doing it would actually become one of the most interesting experience of my life.

As my friends Vale & Carlo were keeping saying this was a journey and not a holiday, and our code word was hitch: I’ve stopped counting all the times I had to change my mind, destination and routes during my 10 days in Panama.

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New Year’s resolutions

Usually, I’m quite good creating my goal action plans and sometimes I ask myself if I maybe set too many of them.
I think the hardest thing is to stay focused, keeping the standard up for 365, oops! this year for 366, days…

This time I want to try to slim down my resolutions’ list and who knows, maybe this is it! I can do it!… Let’s talk about that on the 31 of December…


I’ve been always obsessed by it, and during the last couple of months my obsession is just becoming bigger and bigger…
My mum started to call me “the girl with the suitcase” many years ago and to be true to myself I spent the entire 1st of January’s evening browsing the web site of Skyscanner experiencing a kind of Stendhal’s syndrom

thumb_Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 17.09.39_1024
I do have a couple of dreams for my 2016: birthday in New York and Xmas in Melbourne together with my beloved and missed Collings, and then the big dream… the Coast to Coast

Last week I downloaded an app on my iphone: beenapp. Basically it helps you to track what countries you have visited displaying them on a map that you can then share… I’m already addicted to it!


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Christmas holidays in London

It’s quite impossible to get bored in London, where you can literally do whatever you feel like but… how to choose the best things to do during the festivities?

Here you are my list, enjoy!


            ICE SKATING:

Choosing an iceskating ring in London can be hard as since November it seemed like you could find one of them in every corner… I really wanted to go to the Somerset House’ one but unfortunately we were not able to find a single ticket… never mind! My friends and I had a wonderful afternoon at the Natural History Museum ring sponsored by Swarovski.
It was great fun even though I do believe 15 quids for an overcrowded 50 minutes round it’s a bit too much… Anyway we were absolutely amazing… none of us felt down!  😀



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