Ich bin eine Berlinerin


A very nice surprise.
It could be because the German language and I have never had a good feeling, and the 5 years I spent studying it were absolutely unsuccessful. Or it could be because every time I mentioned “I want to go to Berlin” the first thing I hear is “get ready as it’s freezing cold over there!”
It could be for these reasons that I had a lot of prejudices on Berlin and I never paid much attention to this city.
I was wrong.
I was absolutely wrong.

Despite the cold weather – well, it was not very smart to go there in January, was it?” :/ after my weekend in Berlin I can’t stop thinking that if only I put more effort studying all those declensions and all those never ending words which sound pretty much the same, if only I gave up on those numbers you have to read backwards… if only I could understand what the hell they are saying to me… well… I think I could live in Berlin.
During my staying in one of the most lively borough, Friedrichshain, in a kind of fairy tale’s house – pictures are showing just a little of the surreal atmosphere we lived for three days – I have been repeatedly surprised by a city in constant evolution.


Berlin it’s history.
It’s entertainment.
It’s art.
It’s coloured graffiti that are trying to hide that awful wall and the grey buildings in Kreuzberg, Berlin is the sole sound of your steps when you are walking into the intentionally claustrophobic Holocaust Memorial, it’s the hubbub of lights of  Alexanderplatz and of Potsdamer Platz.


Berlin is the grandeur of the Reichstag and of the Brandenburger Tor, it’s the comforting simplicity of the ancient medieval  discrit Nikolaiviertel.
It’s feeling like being in a movie when during a freezing Sunday night you find yourself surrounded by guys dancing the Swing in the same East Berlin club where the night before a techno party was on.




Berlin it’s a successful coexistence of set of contrasts which are living side by side.
Berlin it’s a constant surprise.
Each to his own.




Author: Fr_illy

📇 Compulsive writer 🧳Travel nut 🐕 Tina's mum 📍Venezia 🇮🇹 🔁 London 🇬🇧

3 thoughts on “Ich bin eine Berlinerin”

    1. Hello Moritz! Glad you enjoyed it! Your blog looks really nice too (so many tips about Berlin, thanx!) Ps. if you go back to Venice let me know, it’s my hometown ( but I’m based in London now) and the city doesn’t have any secrets 😉

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      1. Thanks a lot! I’ll surely contact you when I’ll have this pleasure again! Btw: it’s quite funny as we met someone else who is living in London, but feels home in Venice on our waterbus ride from the airport to the city. Seems like you are not the first “fleeing” to cold and rainy London 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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