Milan l’e’ semper Milan

Six years have passed since I saw you last time, Milan.
It’s a short period for the natural flow of the time and it’s a long one for my life which is always changing too quickly.
I’ve been calling you Home for a while, Milan, and it’s such a weird feeling to see you again after a long time.
During these years I’ve changed a lot … and you, Milan?

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My favourite London bookshops

When I walk in a bookshop I can seriously be dangerous.
It is impossible for me to get out with empty hands.
Sometimes I feel I’m addicted to “literary shopping” and since I’ve moved to London, it’s getting worse because there are so many bookshops around here.

Although I love of all them unconditionally and I still need to visit a lot of them, I would like to share with you a list of my favourite bookshops in London.
They are magical spots where I literally love to get lost in.