It was all about Art. And Love.


Here I am, on a desert chilly winter evening – where apparently everyone is shut in their home except me – on my way to the cinema.

I’ve been waiting such a long time to watch this movie and since I had to face the sold out twice and a couple of cinemas stopped projecting it to give space to new releases, I am walking as fast as I can to the Curzon cinema in Bloomsbury.
By looking at the map on my phone I’m trying to cheat time, as I want to reach my destination faster than what expected by Google Maps. I realise I’m very nervous: I feel like I’m going to a date, or meeting a friend I haven’t seen for ages. You know, that feeling you have when you ask yourself a lot of questions, such as if your friend will recognise you, if you will recognise her, if she had a haircut or if she still wears that dress.
I arrive at the Curzon knowing that once again I’ve been wandering too much but I’m really glad to notice that I’m not the only crazy one who got out of her place with such a cold weather: the cinema is small but is gradually filling up.

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New Year’s resolutions

Usually, I’m quite good creating my goal action plans and sometimes I ask myself if I maybe set too many of them.
I think the hardest thing is to stay focused, keeping the standard up for 365, oops! this year for 366, days…

This time I want to try to slim down my resolutions’ list and who knows, maybe this is it! I can do it!… Let’s talk about that on the 31 of December…


I’ve been always obsessed by it, and during the last couple of months my obsession is just becoming bigger and bigger…
My mum started to call me “the girl with the suitcase” many years ago and to be true to myself I spent the entire 1st of January’s evening browsing the web site of Skyscanner experiencing a kind of Stendhal’s syndrom

thumb_Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 17.09.39_1024
I do have a couple of dreams for my 2016: birthday in New York and Xmas in Melbourne together with my beloved and missed Collings, and then the big dream… the Coast to Coast

Last week I downloaded an app on my iphone: beenapp. Basically it helps you to track what countries you have visited displaying them on a map that you can then share… I’m already addicted to it!


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Happy Birthday, Alice!

150 years old and… she definitely doesn’t look like!
On occasion of the anniversary of one of my favourite books, I couldn’t miss the exhibition “Alice in Wonderland” at the British Library – one of my best-loved spot in London.


July 1862: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson took a boat trip with the three daughters of one of his family friends.
To better entertain them Charles, who later adopted the world-famous pen name Lewis Carroll, started to tell the children the adventures of the little Alice, the real name of one of them, in an enchanted world.
It was the little Alice who begged him to write all down so she could read it whenever she wanted to. And that was how one of most loved fabes ever bore.


It’s unbelievable how, after 150 years, – the first book was published on November 1865 – Alice in Wonderland continue to enthrall generations upon generations.
The exhibition at the British Library explores how the story inspired artists during the years and it shows the Lewis Caroll’s original manuscript – it was not possible to take pics inside, sorry 😥 – together with drawings and illustrations.- there are even some John Tenniel – the first Alice’ illustrator – original boxwood engravings.
A very special way to enjoy a relaxing London afternoon… and everything is for free!





Do not miss the Pop Up Shop… a true paradise for Alice in Wonderland lovers… I couldn’t resist the Moleskine limited edition!😍




And also this Xmas…

Every year is the same old story.
And this time I did try even harder decorating my Xmas tree on the 8th December, according to the tradition.
Among one decoration and the other, I was laughing with my flatmates wearing those stupid reindeer ears and singing those annoying Xmas songs…
Even if it didn’t last for long, for a couple of days the Xmas spirit was about to take over me: I drafted a  NOT TO BUY LAST MINUTE gift list and I tried to follow with interest the London street lighting (ok, they are nice but… please, keep calm! they are just lights, you don’t need to write hundreds of thousands of newspaper articles or to show them million of times on the News!)

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Trick or treat? – My special Halloween

“What about going to Clapton market, tomorrow?”
“Oh yes, it sounds nice but… A Dia de los Muertos festival will be on at OXO tower…”

Cheeky smile replies to cheeky smile.

“Do you mind to check which is the fasted way to go there? And… We are going to have a theme make up, aren’t we?”
“Of course!”

Side effects of having a flatmate more drained than you.

The day after we woke up very early – and it was Sunday morning! – to run ahead to the perfect outfit hunt. It felt like we were two little girls again: among the shelves of the several stores we visited we were over exited and we had plenty of ideas and indecisions…
In the end – it was really hard as we had been literally captured by all those twinklings and those colours – we were really proud of our shopping and walking home we were feeling like inside our Boots, Claire’s and Superdrugs shopping bags there was the ultimate Louboutin pair  of shoes.
I have to say that I’m not able to do a proper make up on myself… let alone to do it on someone else!
Emy  had to do everything by herself even on me!



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