Napule é

Someone should apologise to my neighbours on my behalf: it has been a week I’m livening up their days with a Pino Daniele background music. He’s one of the greatest Italian song writers but I think I did exaggerate, poor neighbours. :’D

Pino for breakfast, Pino under the shower, Pino for dinner and Pino again before going to bed… it has been my obsession and it’s my weekend in Naples to blame.

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Magic Istanbul


Music, round of drinks and 20 degrees in January: that’s not a bad welcome at all, Istanbul!

The preconditions were not that good: terrorism alert, the related worries of our beloved ones (“be careful, don’t you have another place to fly to? two girls… usually in January the forecast says snow over there”), but in the end the welcoming could not be better.


After an awesome couple of hours flight with  Turkish airlines  – nothing to do with the return flight with BA, (British Airways) that couldn’t hold a candle to it – we arrived to the only city in the world divided by two continents.

Europe and Asia live side by side in this 15 million people metropolis, in an amazing mishmash of different cultures, sounds and scents spread in every single corner of this city.

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Milan l’e’ semper Milan

Six years have passed since I saw you last time, Milan.
It’s a short period for the natural flow of the time and it’s a long one for my life which is always changing too quickly.
I’ve been calling you Home for a while, Milan, and it’s such a weird feeling to see you again after a long time.
During these years I’ve changed a lot … and you, Milan?

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A perfect weekend in Dublin



Bring together two friends who, due to a relocation, haven’t seen each other lately – but each and every time they do, it’s party! – put them in a welcoming city with a rare sunshine which makes it even more beautiful and you will have the perfect weekend.

I’ve finally decided to visit Emy, a precious friend with whom I shared almost everything for a year, house included. Now she lives in Dublin, a city that was on my “compulsory places to visit” list since too long.
I couldn’t have made a better choice.


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Seville and Portugal: obrigada!


Can’t wait to get off.
A city that doesn’t want to reveal itself, dancing alternately with the Ocean, is just pushing my well known impatient curiosity over the limits.
After many tumbling caused by the strong wind, my plane has finally landed in Lisbon and I’m one of the first ones to rush to the exit door.

Shame on me I didn’t take a pic of the silly sign my friend Giorgia was holding at the Arrivals where she was waiting for me.
We always mock each other and although we don’t live in the same country anymore, we enjoy meeting between a gate and an other every now and then.

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Ich bin eine Berlinerin


A very nice surprise.
It could be because the German language and I have never had a good feeling, and the 5 years I spent studying it were absolutely unsuccessful. Or it could be because every time I mentioned “I want to go to Berlin” the first thing I hear is “get ready as it’s freezing cold over there!”
It could be for these reasons that I had a lot of prejudices on Berlin and I never paid much attention to this city.
I was wrong.
I was absolutely wrong.

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Panamá & Puerto Viejo – Costa Rica: Pura Vida!

And there they are, staying there, dragging those luggage most of the times bigger than them.
They are walking proudly and sometimes they stumble because of the heavy weight they are carrying. But they will not look away not even for a second, as they are aware they are living one of the most special moment of their life: they are the “travelling kids”, a Minions, Frozen princesses and Star War’ warriors slow parade. Most of them are going to have their first travelling experience and they are doing that with the enthusiasm only the little ones can have.
As everyone else I’ve been one of them as well. And over the years my attitude hasn’t change much: my excitement is still the same and my eyes are lighting up when I see “Thank you, your flight has been booked” on my Mac screen and I get the adrenaline flowing  as soon I get close to a train station or to an airport. The truth is that I can’t live without travelling, every two or three months – if the money and the work allow me – I need to leave, to explore, to see…
They call it Wanderlust, a German word which includes all the symptoms I’ve listed above.
Because you could fall ill with the NEED of travel.

And so, during an evening full of messy thoughts and questions without answers I didn’t think twice before accepting an absurd and unexpected offer from Italy to travel to Panama.
I couldn’t imagine that what it was feeling like one of mine nth crazy thing I was doing it would actually become one of the most interesting experience of my life.

As my friends Vale & Carlo were keeping saying this was a journey and not a holiday, and our code word was hitch: I’ve stopped counting all the times I had to change my mind, destination and routes during my 10 days in Panama.

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