A very special Afternoon Tea… at The Ritz!!!

cabina telefonica

Whilst my heals were being absorbed by the hall soft carpet, I felt like the star of a movie.
All around and above me stood gleaming mirrors, enormous flower vases and huge chandeliers hanged from the high ceilings.
A bygone era atmosphere.

A couple of scenes of Notting Hill, the famous movie with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, took place here but The Ritz Hotel, inaugurated in 1904, is scented with glorious past.
You can feel it as soon as you arrive, and you find yourself backward, surrounded by rich women sipping a cup of tea, or international high society individuals such as Churchill, Eisenhower and De Gaulle – English, American and French Prime Ministers during the II World Word – who used to have meetings right inside these history saturated rooms.

Quintessentially British.

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Seville and Portugal: obrigada!


Can’t wait to get off.
A city that doesn’t want to reveal itself, dancing alternately with the Ocean, is just pushing my well known impatient curiosity over the limits.
After many tumbling caused by the strong wind, my plane has finally landed in Lisbon and I’m one of the first ones to rush to the exit door.

Shame on me I didn’t take a pic of the silly sign my friend Giorgia was holding at the Arrivals where she was waiting for me.
We always mock each other and although we don’t live in the same country anymore, we enjoy meeting between a gate and an other every now and then.

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Love 2.0: being single in London

In a city where supermarkets are swarmed with prepackaged individual meals and where work hours are so inhuman that the only moment you are able to socialise is the drink night out with your colleagues, being single… has never been easier.

In London, when you get back home from work you are so knackered that if you are able to give a ring to your parents or to your friends – who often live abroad – and ask if they are OK, it’s a miracle.
During the week it’s quite rare to go out, and if you decide to do it most likely it’s because it’s related to your job.

On weekends though everyone becomes a party animal: you just need to stand outside a pub on a Friday or Saturday evening to see what I mean. Guys still wearing their suits gulp down one drink after another – the quality here doesn’t really matter, the important thing is that it’s alcohol – competing in a kind of marathon: the winner will be the most pissed, the one who will be “honoured” by being bounced off a taxi because too drunk.

The well known English self control goes bananas, together with the dignity, inside a couple of drinks.

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It was all about Art. And Love.


Here I am, on a desert chilly winter evening – where apparently everyone is shut in their home except me – on my way to the cinema.

I’ve been waiting such a long time to watch this movie and since I had to face the sold out twice and a couple of cinemas stopped projecting it to give space to new releases, I am walking as fast as I can to the Curzon cinema in Bloomsbury.
By looking at the map on my phone I’m trying to cheat time, as I want to reach my destination faster than what expected by Google Maps. I realise I’m very nervous: I feel like I’m going to a date, or meeting a friend I haven’t seen for ages. You know, that feeling you have when you ask yourself a lot of questions, such as if your friend will recognise you, if you will recognise her, if she had a haircut or if she still wears that dress.
I arrive at the Curzon knowing that once again I’ve been wandering too much but I’m really glad to notice that I’m not the only crazy one who got out of her place with such a cold weather: the cinema is small but is gradually filling up.

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My first Baby Shower ever


This is the story of two no-yet-mum single ladies who were able to organise a perfect Baby Shower.
Liz – my partner in crime – and I didn’t miss anything: from the two months preparation time to the perfect location hunt and the arduous date decision in the attempt of conciliating all the “moving abroad” of our friends group. We did our best to get a perfect surprise as we wanted to wow the celebrated one who didn’t have a clue on what we were up to.
To whom doesn’t know what a Baby Shower is, it’s a very popular party in the USA more and more common in the UK and in some European countries  – which is organised to celebrate a future birth. Ladies usually catch up for chats and presents for the mummy to be
This was my first Baby Shower ever and, as we are speaking of one of my best friend, in the end I found myself to be one of the organiser.

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Ich bin eine Berlinerin


A very nice surprise.
It could be because the German language and I have never had a good feeling, and the 5 years I spent studying it were absolutely unsuccessful. Or it could be because every time I mentioned “I want to go to Berlin” the first thing I hear is “get ready as it’s freezing cold over there!”
It could be for these reasons that I had a lot of prejudices on Berlin and I never paid much attention to this city.
I was wrong.
I was absolutely wrong.

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Never say goodbye


They say that London is a crossroad and that’s it’s something normal to see people leaving in here.
It’s quite impossible to get bored in this hectic mish-mash of languages, ideologies, ethnic groups and habits, but it’s quite difficult to spend here an entire life.
During my almost 4 years here in London, I’ve noticed that many people living in this city are sooner or later leaving, going back to their countries or moving somewhere in the world.
Everyone loves London but living here is such an intense experience that there is a moment you reach the point you can’t cope with it anymore and you need to leave. You will keep London deep in your heart but you prefer to look at her from far away, because if you get inside her whirlwind again you will be just fucked.

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