Cup of tea, anyone?

One of the English custom I like the most it’s the Afternoon Tea. It seems to have been invented by Anna the 7th Duchess of Bedford who is said to have complained of having “annoying tummy rumbling” in the afternoon… So she came up with the idea of keeping her hunger at bay having privately in her boudoir a light snack before dinner: while sipping tea she was nibbling mini pastries, scrummy pieces of cakes and finger sandwiches.
A genius.

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Paris mon amour – The Girls weekend


This was the one very special trip.
More special than all the others.
Not only because the four of us were reunited once again.
Little, big secrets kept hidden through our smiles and our conspiratorial glimpses.

I do strongly believe that a trip with your childhood friends it’s a kind of blessing that life can give you as a gift.
And if the destination is one of your favourite cities, well… les jeux sont faits! 


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And also this Xmas…

Every year is the same old story.
And this time I did try even harder decorating my Xmas tree on the 8th December, according to the tradition.
Among one decoration and the other, I was laughing with my flatmates wearing those stupid reindeer ears and singing those annoying Xmas songs…
Even if it didn’t last for long, for a couple of days the Xmas spirit was about to take over me: I drafted a  NOT TO BUY LAST MINUTE gift list and I tried to follow with interest the London street lighting (ok, they are nice but… please, keep calm! they are just lights, you don’t need to write hundreds of thousands of newspaper articles or to show them million of times on the News!)

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Trick or treat? – My special Halloween

“What about going to Clapton market, tomorrow?”
“Oh yes, it sounds nice but… A Dia de los Muertos festival will be on at OXO tower…”

Cheeky smile replies to cheeky smile.

“Do you mind to check which is the fasted way to go there? And… We are going to have a theme make up, aren’t we?”
“Of course!”

Side effects of having a flatmate more drained than you.

The day after we woke up very early – and it was Sunday morning! – to run ahead to the perfect outfit hunt. It felt like we were two little girls again: among the shelves of the several stores we visited we were over exited and we had plenty of ideas and indecisions…
In the end – it was really hard as we had been literally captured by all those twinklings and those colours – we were really proud of our shopping and walking home we were feeling like inside our Boots, Claire’s and Superdrugs shopping bags there was the ultimate Louboutin pair  of shoes.
I have to say that I’m not able to do a proper make up on myself… let alone to do it on someone else!
Emy  had to do everything by herself even on me!



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Costa de la Luz – Defi Tour n°1

A chilled beer, a wrong person who’s waiting for you in the other room and a London-Malaga flight to book in 5 minutes and in connection with the Milan-Malaga your trusted Tour Operator just booked.                      
All followed with: a last second packing, a sunrise leaving to Stansted airport (
damn, I hate it!) with a 20 minutes sleep and the embarassing shout & tears of joy when you meet your beloved friend between one gate and the other at Malaga airport.

Let the adventure start!

Me from London, my silly friend Jo from Milan caught up at Malaga to meet the third travel buddy: the inseparable Polo Volkswagen – AKA Pina –that drove us around for kilometres and that had been a perfect traveling closet in a pinch.
After the introductions with Pina, despite the hot weather and the zero hours of sleep we started straightaway to drive to Tarifa, our first stop.
Known as the wind city, Tarifa is the southermost point of the European continent. It’s just 14 kilometres away from Morocco and it is considerated the joining link between European and African culture.                  
As soon as we arrived at our hard to find agritourism we ran to the beach for our first Spanish sunset and for our first walk in the middlepoint of Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, with Africa in front of us.

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