Illy in Wonderland


And finally… here we are.

After a never-ending waiting list – we have been waiting a couple of months to get in! – we are here with a skyrocketing enthusiasm.

My ex colleagues Jessica and Francesca and I decided to give ourselves a treat, the Mad Hatter afternoon tea at the Sanderson Hotel .

Are you ready to follow me and the White Rabbit?

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A perfect weekend in Dublin



Bring together two friends who, due to a relocation, haven’t seen each other lately – but each and every time they do, it’s party! – put them in a welcoming city with a rare sunshine which makes it even more beautiful and you will have the perfect weekend.

I’ve finally decided to visit Emy, a precious friend with whom I shared almost everything for a year, house included. Now she lives in Dublin, a city that was on my “compulsory places to visit” list since too long.
I couldn’t have made a better choice.


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Never say goodbye


They say that London is a crossroad and that’s it’s something normal to see people leaving in here.
It’s quite impossible to get bored in this hectic mish-mash of languages, ideologies, ethnic groups and habits, but it’s quite difficult to spend here an entire life.
During my almost 4 years here in London, I’ve noticed that many people living in this city are sooner or later leaving, going back to their countries or moving somewhere in the world.
Everyone loves London but living here is such an intense experience that there is a moment you reach the point you can’t cope with it anymore and you need to leave. You will keep London deep in your heart but you prefer to look at her from far away, because if you get inside her whirlwind again you will be just fucked.

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Christmas holidays in London

It’s quite impossible to get bored in London, where you can literally do whatever you feel like but… how to choose the best things to do during the festivities?

Here you are my list, enjoy!


            ICE SKATING:

Choosing an iceskating ring in London can be hard as since November it seemed like you could find one of them in every corner… I really wanted to go to the Somerset House’ one but unfortunately we were not able to find a single ticket… never mind! My friends and I had a wonderful afternoon at the Natural History Museum ring sponsored by Swarovski.
It was great fun even though I do believe 15 quids for an overcrowded 50 minutes round it’s a bit too much… Anyway we were absolutely amazing… none of us felt down!  😀



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